Training center recommended by Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce (Polish Kennel Association), Warsaw Branch


+ 48 606 631 355


      If your dog doesn't come when called, pulls on the leash, rules the direction of your walks, ruins your house, amuses himself by chasing your neighbor or his dog or you have other problems with your dog or simply want to have a well behaved dog - you are invited to our training sessions.

It is best to start as early as possible (youngest pups are encouraged to take part in our doggie kindergarten), and if your dog is just that bit older (even turned 7 years old), you are invited to the course for adult dogs where, using positive stimulation methods (we don't tug dogs through spiked collars!) we teach them the basics of good behavior.

Our sessions are open to fogs small and large, slender and hmm.. less thin, pedigree and multi-breed, young and old. We have many interesting training format proposals, not just basic dog training.

We teach dogs to be well behaved and ready to work together with the owner, and train owners in the skills of exacting the desired behavior from their dogs

It is not the size,
but the place in the pack that counts.